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Hello and Welcome. I am Tycee, a born-and-raised Western Coloradan with a passion for personal growth, an out-side-the-box thinker and a creative spirit. I am so pleased you found your way here.


When I was a child, my mother gave me a record called Free to Be… You and Me, by Marlo Thomas. The record, for parents and children, was a celebration of individuality. With stories, poems, and songs, it challenged conventional thinking of the times, invited listeners to be true to who they were, and encouraged us to honor what makes us all the same and different. I LOVED IT. 

Today, I am passionate about guiding others to be free to be who they truly are, in all aspects of their lives. Life is ripe with opportunity to grow and find fulfillment, no matter your current situation or issues. Whether it be individuals, adolescents, families, or groups, I am most excited about teaching the skills of self-discovery and transformation. 

As for my education and credentials, I received my masters degree in psychology with a marriage and family therapy specialization from Saybrook University in San Francisco, California. I served on a mobile crisis response team for 4 years, and I have worked in multiple settings over the past 20 years, including residential and outpatient care in community mental health, private sector agencies, and in private practice. I practice general psychology from a humanistic perspective. Knowing that each individual is unique, I draw on a variety of therapeutic orientations and infuse treatment with creativity and enthusiasm for personal growth and development.

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