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Counseling With Tycee


Tycee Belcastro, M.A. LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Colorado and in Washington, and a Certified Couples and Sex Therapy Informed Professional. She has been helping people create healthier lives and relationships for over 20 years. While she has advanced education, and is an experienced therapist, Tycee has lived experience that informs and guides her therapy style. From her work on her personal issues, her relationship successes and failures, and her parenting successes and failures, she guides with humility and the wisdom earned from living a real life.  

What is Intimacy?

Most people want to feel deeply connected to the important people in their lives and they have all the best intentions to create genuinely close bonds. Even so, people inadvertently create relationships that lack the depth of connection they are looking for. This is true in all types of relationships; couples, parents, friendships, work relationships, etc. Sometimes, lacking intimacy is accepted as status quo, or the best we can do; because people don’t realize more connection could be attained with the right skills.

According to Florida based therapist, Samantha Bickham, LMHC, there are many vehicles to intimacy and I have added the list;


  • Emotional Intimacy

  • Physical Intimacy

  • Sexual Intimacy

  • Intellectual Intimacy

  • Spiritual Intimacy

  • Experiential Intimacy

  • Creative Intimacy

  • Social Intimacy

  • Aesthetic Intimacy (Play)

  • Work Intimacy

  • Conflict Intimacy

  • Nurturing Intimacy

  • Intimacy with Self


As your guide, it is my commitment to teach you the skills to create intimacy across many areas of your life, and on many levels of experience. With your commitment and earnest efforts to learn, practice and grow, you’ll find the many gifts and blessings that come with deeply connected relationships.


What are these benefits?


Research indicates that intimacy is linked to lower stress levels, better physical healing, healthier behaviors, longer lifespans, decreased depression, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, and higher levels of oxytocin, and other beneficial hormones. Increased intimacy leads to greater relationship satisfaction which enriches a sense of meaning, and feelings of joy and harmony in our lives.  Learning to create intimacy includes the experience of mutual respect, and safety to express ourselves openly and truthfully. The skills of intimacy grow our ability to create a meaningful sense of community. In romantic relationships, studies show that increased emotional intimacy leads to increased sexual satisfaction, AND improving sexual intimacy increases emotional intimacy and deepens connection. Need I go on?

A Note On Sex Therapy:

Healthy sex can and should be a pleasurable part of your life and romantic relationships, at ANY age and ANY relationship status. Sexuality is an integral part of each and every person, no matter what stage of life we are in. Sexuality is highly relational, but we are, first and foremost, in a relationship to ourselves, so being single should not deter you from working on this vital aspect of who you are.


Your reasons for pursuing sex therapy are uniquely your own, and will be honored as such. I often meet individuals and couples who worry that their concerns about their sex life are unusual and even weird. The thing is, I have worked with many, many people, and I can tell you that most people have concerns around sex and sexuality. I know reaching out isn’t easy, but I will travel this road with you and light your way forward. Here are some of the areas I can help in:

For Individuals and Relationship Partners:  

  • Helping you define what healthy sex and sexuality looks like for you

  • Uncovering personal blocks to creating a healthy sex life

  • Recovering and Reclaiming after sexual trauma

  • Claiming your sexual orientation

  • Improving your body image and claiming your sensual and sexual self

  • Helping you untangle from unhealthy sexual patterns of behavior

  • Working with sexual dysfunction, i.e., difficulty with arousal or orgasm, low libido, pelvic pain, ED, premature ejaculation, and more

  • Parenting and teaching your children about sex

  • Working with mismatched desire

  • Recovering from Infidelity

  • Improving Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction









What is sex therapy and how does it work?


Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy where we explore the challenges standing between you and the relationship and sexual satisfaction you want. I provide initial assessment processes and assist you in exploration to help you identify YOUR unique goals, and then I will customize treatment to fit your needs. My aim is to help you gain greater understanding of yourself and your sexual experiences from all aspects of your being, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. I approach sex therapy with these values in mind; sex-positivity, body-positivity, non-judgment, self-responsibility, compassionate self-discovery and deep respect.

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