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Individual Therapy

The most important relationship you have is with you; you are everywhere you go.  Sometimes, our own emotions and behaviors are perplexing. When you know why you are struggling, support and guidance can help you navigate challenges, and glean valuable insights and personal growth. When you do not know why you are struggling, which everyone experiences at times, therapy helps you make sense of things. In individual therapy you are guided in learning skills to bring clarity and harmony to your life. My aim is to help you strengthen your relationship with you.


Marriage and Relationship Therapy

In marriage and relationship therapy, I will guide you in learning the skills to create intimacy across many areas of your life, and on many levels of experience. With your commitment and earnest efforts to learn, practice and grow, you’ll find the many gifts and blessings that come with deeply connected relationships.

Did you know that relationship issues can actually be a way to deepen your understanding of yourself and to become closer to others? Intimate relationship skills are the missing link. Here you will learn to identify your personal issues and how they contribute to relationships in your life. You will learn issue resolution skills and how to create relationships that satisfy the needs of all involved, without giving yourself up in the process. 


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy where we explore the challenges standing between you and the relationship and sexual satisfaction you want. I provide initial assessment processes and assist you in exploration to help you identify YOUR unique goals, and then I’ll customize treatment to fit your needs. My aim is to help you gain greater understanding of yourself and your sexual experiences from all aspects of your being, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. I approach sex therapy with these values in mind; sex-positivity, body-positivity, non-judgment, self-responsibility, compassionate self-discovery, and deep respect. 

  • Increasing Intimacy Couple’s Package

I work in collaboration with other professionals to address all concerns. 



Tycee Belcastro, M.A. LMFT and Certified Couples and Sex Therapist

Dakini Leah Kenyon, Certified Tantra Sex Educator and Meditation Teacher

According to Dakini Leah Kenyon, of Living In Tantra, “sexual intimacy is a vital source of emotional connection in marriage. Sexual intimacy also acts like a medicine, soothing the nervous system, releasing emotional pain, and stimulating release of beneficial hormones.” 

I couldn’t agree more, and It is also well established that increasing emotional intimacy increases libido and sexual satisfaction. Learning the skills to create both emotional and sexual intimacy, simultaneously, deepens intimacy exponentially, at ANY age.

That is why Dakini Leah Kenyon and I team up to offer our Increasing Intimacy Package that includes: 10 Sessions of Private Relationship and Tantric Sexuality Skills and a Bonus: Final Couple’s Integration Session for review and completion of the program at no cost. This package begins with a 60 minute assessment session with both Tycee Belcastro and Leah Kenyon to get a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and growth points, so that the package can be personalized to meet your specific needs. Contact me to set up your complementary phone consultation regarding this program. Let’s get you on the road to a deeper connection, and a more satisfying relationship. 

In case you are curious, this service is compatible with all spiritual backgrounds and paths. 


Family Therapy

Although parenting brings incredible rewards, it can also present many challenges. Successful parents and families are not free of relationship problems. In fact, a hallmark of health includes willingness to learn to deal effectively with challenges. In family therapy, I guide parents and families in building skills that help them achieve greater connection amidst the difficulties. 

No matter the stage of life or configuration of family members; from parenting small children to navigating adult parent-child relationships; from building better sibling bonds to dealing with extended family issues; therapy can help you create a strong relationship with yourself and others. All family structures are welcome from traditional or blended to non-traditional.


Group Therapy

Through a variety of creative and experiential self-exploration tools and methods, and collaboration with other helping professionals, you’ll build greater self-understanding of emotional, thought, and behavioral patterns creating obstacles to your growth and the skills for successfully navigating them. 

You will enhance your growth along side others, enjoying support and camaraderie. You will learn, practice, and integrate new skills so you can generalize lessons learned into your life outside of group, and genuinely thrive in all aspects of your life.

Process therapy groups are centered around building healthy relationships, in a safe, supportive environment. I guide members to explore a variety of issues and challenges, and to discover effective means to deal with them. My groups are a combination of group processing and workshop style skill building.


Click here to view groups currently offered.


Horse of A Different Color-

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

You are one of a kind and your inner world is unique to you. Horse of a Different Color, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program is dedicated to helping you find what makes you tick, to identifying your strengths and helping you skillfully navigate through challenges.

EAP is an experiential, nature-based therapy where interaction with horses is utilized as a means to expand awareness of your emotions, thought processes and dynamics. Sessions are conducted outside which, in and of itself, is beneficial to your health and well-being. 

As an EAP participant you will stretch outside of your comfort zone, in a safe and guided way. You will improve interpersonal and problem solving skills, increase self-esteem and self-efficacy and derive lessons pertinent to all aspects of your life. 


Empowerment Photography

Empowerment photography is a truly unique therapeutic service. A collaboration between portrait photography by Red Lotus Photo, and Therapy with Tycee Belcastro, M.A. LMFT, where you gain skills that allow you to connect to healthy self-esteem and personal empowerment. 

Heather Redding is a unique photographer with a talent for helping her clients find and connect with what empowers them. Through her calm, nurturing guidance, she is able to inspire out the true essence of a person; their inner beauty and personal power, and to capture this in a photo.  

Often, having photos taken brings up uncomfortable emotions and self-image issues that get in the way of taking a picture that truly represents who you are; one that you genuinely like. This makes the process of taking photographs a great opportunity to identify, and deal with self-image issues, which is where therapy comes in. While engaging in a warm, relaxed, and nurturing photo session, Tycee and Heather will assist you in bringing your inner beauty out to be captured in a photograph. 

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